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sculptor, 3d artist, character artist, creature artist, writer, songwriter & singer, composer, professional painter, illustrator, designer, photographer

You probably noticed my name at the edge of the screen (display, reader, punch card chamber). It must be said that a newborn does not choose their own name; it is assigned even before they start babbling in the womb (although many people will tell you otherwise). But let’s talk about the issue of male names and the frequent disagreement of mothers some other time.

I was born in the original way, involving the traditional reproductive process of the human species. Behind the window of the incubator, I observed the hustle and bustle and the fluorescent lights in the room… and constantly wondered where the aquarium had gone, where I used to enjoy uninterrupted moments of Being. I was given the aforementioned name, some clothes, and a ticket to the world of wanted and beloved babies. And a pacifier.

As life went on, I gradually completed elementary school with light steps and a few worn-out shoes. Amidst the cheers of my parents, I moved on to high school (a more challenging path) and tried several universities, under absent gazes and not-so-boisterous merriment. Yes, I tried – from the verb “to try.”

Most beings on the planet – excluding animals and plants – refer to creative individuals as Artists. Some categorize creators as Dreamers, Eccentrics, or Fools. Perhaps anyone who creates is considered an artist (a mistake). I try to avoid categorization; I am a person who does what they enjoy (often not enjoying it). And I strive to create according to my own judgment and sensory disposition (fluctuations in pressure and prime numbers, deducing creative activity from the scent traces of fucus, estimating levels of joy in other people, animals, and stones). For example, singing to plants is a trigger for my creativity.

3d graphics

  • 3D modeling
  • creatures
  • anatomy models
  • grooming
  • character modeling
  • digital sculpting
I exclusively model in ZBrush, including hardsurface using ZModeler and other workflows. I particularly enjoy creating animals, complete skeletons, anatomy, and medical elements. The human figure as a whole, as well as various imagined organisms. I also create stylized characters in the style of Pixar. For texturing, I use Substance Painter and MARI. I handle everything else in Houdini, including rendering, grooming, rigging, muscle systems, visual effects, and simulations.
3D SW and render engines: 3dsMAX, Arnold, AutoCAD, Blender, Cinema4D, Clarisse, Cycles, DAZ Studio, Fusion360, Houdini, Keyshot, Mari, Maya, Marvelous Designer, Maxwell, MODO, Poser, RealFlow, Renderman /Pixar/, Rhinoceros, Sculptris, SketchUp, SoftImage, Substance Designer, Substance Painter, Terragen, Unreal Engine, VRay, Vue, World Machine, Zbrush
Tyrannosaurus rex

illustration & 2D graphics

  • illustration
  • 2D modeling
  • architecture sketches
  • digital painting
  • vector graphic

drawing and painting

  • charcoal
  • pencils, markers, ink
  • acrylic painting
  • aquarelle painting
  • coffee


  • clay
  • wood
  • paper


  • analog
  • digital
  • pinhole

music and singing

  • piano
  • guitars
  • MIDI
  • singing: Audio Technica mics
  • recording & mix: 24 bits, 192 kHz (Steinberg)
Hudba je živým organismem, neuronovou sítí obemykající vše živé. Chapadly narušuje stereotyp bytí, vyvolává lásku, radost, strach. Systém interakcí činí soustavu nesmrtelnou. Elementy umírají, nahrazují se novými. Hudba je nejpůsobivějším parazitem, jehož může člověk vnímat, vnášet do něj své myšlenky. Je nositelkou citů a rezervoárem lidskosti.


  • expresionism – Edvard Munch
  • surrealism – Salvador Dalí
  • realism – Gustave Courbet
  • impresionism – Camille Pissarro, Paul Cézanne, Edgar Degas
  • postimpresionism – Vincent van Gogh
  • cubism – Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró
  • drawings, sculptures – Michelangelo Buonarroti
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